Restaurant Creativity Advocates

A few years ago we convened local stakeholders to talk about market findings – Genesee County residents spend more than $12,000,000 to eat-out plus another $17,000,000 on entertainment someplace other than Genesee County!

We asked ourselves…how do we keep more dining dollars local?

Wah-la! why not create a small business incubator demanding creativity that offers mentorship, affordable start-up space and financing?

Combining small business development services with private entrepreneurship, freshLAB was born. We’re stirring creativity at the Foodie Challenge, preparing aspiring restaurant owners in the Boot Camp & selecting two more candidates to open a restaurant in the new foodhall on Main Street.

The Batavia Brewing Company will be the anchor start-up eatery, newly coined Eli Fish Brewing Company.

The craft beer specialty house is a partnership between Matt Grey, co-owner of Alex’s Restaurant and Jon Mager with Arctic Refrigeration:

“We live in Batavia currently. We whole-heartedly believe that Batavia is a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. By joining the ranks of the many great places to eat and drink downtown we hope to be part of a complete and full resurgence and revitalization that is attracting people back to downtown.”

Affordable turn-key space and financing is provided for the aspiring restauranteur along with on-going mentorship. The venture, also sponsored by USDA, requires the eateries to source regional ingredients.


Extraordinary specialists have rallied behind the cause to strengthen the local eating & drinking experiences. Incubating unique business ideas allows entrepreneurs to test a concept & stabilize operations before opening a full-scale restaurant.


Prime business location in the heart of downtown having 16,747 vehicles pass-by everyday and more than 3,500 workers within walking distance.


BYOI! (bring your own ingredients!) because the commercial kitchen, cold & dry storage & newly appointed communal dining room await!


Affordable start to restaurant ownership – unheard of!!! All inclusive lease from mentorship to WiFi.


Certified Chef leadership, proven restaurant management guidance and on-going programming all included.
Start-Up Restaurants
Vehicles Pass By Everyday
Pre-approved loan to get started!