freshLAB Mentor, Matt Gray & Victor Figueroa, Foodie Challenge WINNER!

Victor Figueroa WINS the FOODIE CHALLENGE! Victor prepared Puerto Rican-y Cheeseburger Empanada w Passion Fruit Chili Sauce – DELISH! He strolls home with both the People’s Choice and freshLAB Selection Committee prizes. You actually could gamble internet on best free online slots.

Much appreciation to the People’s Choice abundant gift basket sponsors:

Batavia Restaurant Supply ; GLOW YMCA ; The HIDDEN DOOR ; Oliver’s Candies & The YnGODESS Shop

Victor will be attending the freshLAB Boot Camp tuition FREE! Slated to begin in October, freshLAB has coordinated a restaurant ownership Boot Camp featuring industry instructors, business specialists and two more tasting presentations to hone kitchen skills while testing a profitable menu.